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June 2013 - Posts

Im shaking things up a bit today to discuss a subject that effects us all, MONEY!While I tend to read predominantly on love related issues my expertise does not end there. When it comes to guiding people in the realm of finance I admit its more coaching Read More
Or in this case, the relationship. One of the questions asked most often pertains to where a relationship is going. Be it a marriage that is off the tracks, a new dating partner or a long standing lover, everyone wants to know "where is this going!"A Read More
These tarotscopes are an excellent way to gain a quick glimpse into the week ahead! Like horoscopes these scopes utilize both astrological transits and tarot insights to give you a theme for the week. These recordings are kept short but are filled to Read More
Be prepared to contend with a bit of tension or discord in the home or with family today. The 4 of Wands reversed signals a time when communication can be fraught with a lack of harmony and a bit aggressiveness. You may begin to fear where the relationship Read More
The 9 of Wands can represent a time when we feel we have dotted the I's and crossed the T's only to find out, at the last minute, that there is yet another thing that we have to take care of. You may become frustrated thinking that there is never going Read More
Today your energy levels will be off the chart and anything you aspire to achieve is completely possible.  The Knight of Wands is a very courageous, "go-getter" type energy. He is someone who sees what he wants and charges ahead to get it. He is Read More