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We are finally wrapping up the series of Love, Sex & Astrology by taking a look into the final 3 signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The information provided in this series is invaluable as you navigate new and existing romantic Read More
How often do you have a storm of emotions running wild internally while externally you have a beautiful albeit forced smile on your face? How many times have you been talking to your boss in a kind and conciliatory manner when internally you were thinking Read More
Welcome to the 3rd installment of Love, Sex & Astrology. Click here for part 1 and here for part 2 of this blog series. We have covered Aries thru Virgo in our attempt to dissect the signs and what draws their attraction. Why is this Read More
After reading professionally for the past 12+ years reading and guiding folks on how to shift a back and forth lover (otherwise known as here today, gone tomorrow!) I have become a bit of an expert. Helping to shift these relationships and work them to Read More
When I was young, around 16 or so, I remember a friend of my mothers who seemed to bounce from one unhealthy relationship to another. She would meet someone and INSTANTLY fall in love…this was it! This was the man she was going to marry; Read More
Though it may at first glance appear quite simple, falling in love is actually anything but. This is even more true when you take into account the faulty information conveyed in many "self-help" guidebooks which aim to help us "guard our hearts" Read More
What does the term "soul-mate" mean? In my line of work I often hear this term and at times it can cause quite a bit of controversy. In a world filled with Hollywood interpretation of love and relationships it can sometimes be quite difficult educating Read More
​ There are few things that get under the skin of your reader more than hearing the phrase “well this reader said…” and its various iterations. It’s not that we do not like competition—I tend to view our field much as that of nursing. Just as Read More
Here is an extremely simple yet effective spell for obtaining fast money when needed: On a Friday during the Waxing Moon anoint a green candle with an appropriate money-drawing oil, such as Patchouli, Jasmine, or Cinnamon. Read More
” I attract those who love me as I love me” This affirmation is a bit two fold. First its important to make sure that you have a healthy and unconditional love for self…the love that comes from inside, not on validation of another. Secondly its Read More
Its time for a fly by special! I am now offering my Connection Path report at a reduced fee of 25.00!! This report delves into the hidden influences, energies and reasons for a connection between yourself and another. Are you tired of running up Read More