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  Of all the topics regarding relationships perhaps the most tricky subject to cover are those that pertain to relationships ending. We deny, we turn our cheek, we bury our heads in the sand all to avoid seeing the end to a relationship but the ending Read More
Many of my clients are those who are seeking guidance on a relationship that has stagnated or otherwise gone off course. They desire insight into what is happening and how they can shift the relationship which in reality is code for the true desire which Read More
What is it that you commonly place focus on when you are getting a reading? Do you look over profiles? Feedback? Do you check their credentials or email them to have a quick conversation with them?Many of you have a set of things you look for when getting Read More
You feel drained, you feel tired, you feel like you are constantly running around tending to their needs and yet they never seem willing to tend to yours. Sound familiar? It started out simple enough. He began to take a bit more than you enjoyed. Read More
Relationships are not easy. Even the best connections are faced with obstacles, differences and issues from time to time. One of the most seen scenarios in my line of work is watching as two people butt heads when the rules to their relationship Read More
...Is a fabulous song by the artist known as Peaches but also the new mantra that I am advising all clients to begin to both say to themselves and put into practice.  How many times have you been upset with your lover, boyfriend, husband, Read More
Originally published in Bellesprit magazine my articles focusing on profiling lovers using Astrology has been one of my more popular yet. I have received hundreds of letters from people worldwide explaining how helpful just this Read More
My reading specialty is in the area of love and romance. Many times what clients desire is insight into why something is not working out as they had hoped. There are typically bad patterns established or no patterns at all as there has been no contact Read More
I had a reading for a client who came to visit me today that was quite unsettling. I've never read for her before and I could tell by her twisting her napkin and tight posture that she really needed some insight but also empowerment. Read More
The title may lead you to believe this is going to be a feel good post all about how you have to trust your heart. This could not be further from the truth. The sad truth is that often times our minds, not our hearts lead us astray. Our desire to Read More
Invariably when I tell people what I do for a living they ask “what is a reading?” It seems like a simple question and on the surface perhaps it is. However the confusion over what a reader is and isn’t as well as what a reading is and isn’t is quite Read More
~~5 Free Minutes With Each 10 Minute Session~~{~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~}With so many different readers with different reading styles it can be confusing to understand what a reading should entail & what Read More
​   Relationships are by no means an easy street to go down. There are times when the terrain is rough, confusing and you will be damned if you can navigate your way 50ft much less to the altar. I have done readings for clients world-wide Read More
When I was young, around 16 or so, I remember a friend of my mothers who seemed to bounce from one unhealthy relationship to another. She would meet someone and INSTANTLY fall in love…this was it! This was the man she was going to marry, this was Read More
I have been noticing in a few of my conversations with friends, clients and colleagues that there is this rash of frenetic energy that is causing a few to slip in their path towards positive thinking and direct manifestation.  Many cannot Read More
There is nothing more painful than having the rug pulled out from under you. One moment you are together, seemingly happy, envisioning a future that includes marriage and kids and the next thing you know you are in the fetal position on the bathroom Read More
“She asked me too many questions!” “She wouldn’t tell me what I should do!” “I felt like I was answering my own question!”   Too many of us readers will shake our heads in recognition of these all too familiar attacks on readers of Read More
Time and time again I help clients through relationships where they have busted their backsides to please their partner and yet find their needs completely unmet. They cry, stomp their feet, get angry and upset that they are not getting what they Read More