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Do you find yourself attracting the same type of lover/relationship? Things seem to go are getting closer, you are finding yourself thinking this could be fun and then all of sudden for one reason or another things seem Read More
Everyone has a pattern when they are hurt. Some people grab a pint of ice-cream and proceed to down the entire thing..some people call up their friends and head out on the town for some food and drinks, others may even decided to rent bad 80's Read More
​I love it when I ask a client what brings them in and they joke that it’s about love, adding "like 99.9% of everyone else". I love it because they sort of say it in jest and yet I don't think really have any idea just how accurate they are in that Read More
I've discussed at length some various forms of toxic relationships but I don't think that Ive really paid enough attention towards how we go on after we finally leave them. Mending a broken heart can be one of the single most difficult things we do. There Read More
Relationships can be difficult. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or your 50th. Relationships seem to take us from strong, secure and confident to crying and snotting all over ourselves while we watch 'The Way We Were' for the 5th time whilst Read More
He shows up at your door, lunch pale in hand, ready to please you. You both enjoy a very passionate encounter (sometimes) and bask in the afterglow. Soon thereafter, however, he gets up, get dressed and decides that he has to leave. Whether Read More