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​ We have all been there at one time or another-each for various durations. We are totally into someone-they seem to be incredibly interested in us and we want to take it to the next level. Sometimes they do-sometimes they do not. They could Read More
Trying to change a man to suit our vision of him, what I call man-renovation mode can be a very vicious cycle that leads to wasted potential and unhealthy relationship patterns. It is not our jobs to change those in our lives or mold Read More
You are enjoying a wonderful date with a very good-looking guy. As far as first dates go you are totally scoring this one a win, thus far. The conversation is flowing, you feel on top of the world, you look good, feel good....he is sending you the Read More
8 Steps To Spring Clean Your Love LifeIve been cleaning my house like a mad woman (and for the record, I DEPLORE cleaning!); organizing junk drawers; vacuuming shoe closets and even tackling the rather arduous task of whittling down my walk-in closet. Read More
I can recall the first time at the age of 19 that I received a psychic reading (yes, readers have readers too!) after a boyfriend at the time had broken up with me. I was torn, I was desperate and despite the many cards thrown, meditations done or Read More
Look out of love, not fearFear motivates quite well but in love fear smells eerily close to desperation and that is never sexy.  Not wanting to be “alone”, wanting to conform to familial or societal expectations and wanting to feel “complete” Read More