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Good afternoon! I hope that you are all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend!I wanted to highlight a recent rating I received and give a brief explanation of how intuitive/psychic insights work so that this can serve as a learning opportunity for those Read More
No doubt if you have gone on a date in the last decade you have experienced something similar to this: You are dating, things feel good, you are having a good time and you start thinking to yourself that this could be “the one”. Then before you know it Read More
  You were too available. You came on too strong. You slept with him too soon. You didn’t sleep with him soon enough. You let it slip that you want to get married. You told him you loved him. You were too clingy. You were too emotional. You Read More
Nearly 85-90% of those situations I read deal with love. Whether its a lost love, a current love, or questions on when love will be found its a rather central theme to each reading. Typically one of the questions I hear most is "Does he love Read More