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The planet of love headed backwards on July 25th Venus will retrograde in Leo.This phase will last until September 6th and occurs every one and a half to two years. It can manifest in a variety of ways so keep in mind that how Read More
It’s a new week filled with new potential and possibility! Though many people tend to think of Monday as dreadful I happen to think of them as new beginnings. Each day and similarly each week holds a new adventure. Let’s see what the Tarot has Read More
You meet someone and start talking; talking turns into dating and before you know it your interest isn’t just piqued but you are beginning to feel the first seeds of emotional attachment peeking up from the ground. You notice how simpatico the two of Read More
​As an Intuitive & Tarot Counselor who specializes in love and relationships I am presented with a host of relationship questions and requests asking for relationship advice. I have been asked on more than a thousand occasions about when a relationship Read More
When I was dating I had a nasty habit of adopting my paramour’s interests to such a degree that I lost touch with who I was. If they liked skate boarding, suddenly I was carrying one around, despite it never touching the ground. If they were Read More
****Originally published in OM Times MagazineWhen it comes to matters of the heart we can often ignore relationship warning signs that there is trouble in paradise. We deny, we turn our cheek, we bury our heads in the sand all to avoid seeing the end Read More
I wake each day, no matter the conflicts faced the night before, thanking the divine that I am no longer in the market for a new lover.I empathize with those who are looking for love; the modern dating culture seems to have become a minefield of Read More