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I've discussed at length some various forms of toxic relationships but I don't think that Ive really paid enough attention towards how we go on after we finally leave them. Mending a broken heart can be one of the single most difficult things we do. There Read More
I have been noticing in a few of my conversations with friends, clients and colleagues that there is this rash of frenetic energy that is causing a few to slip in their path towards positive thinking and direct manifestation.  Many cannot Read More
How often do you have a storm of emotions running wild internally while externally you have a beautiful albeit forced smile on your face? How many times have you been talking to your boss in a kind and conciliatory manner when internally you were thinking Read More
” I attract those who love me as I love me” This affirmation is a bit two fold. First its important to make sure that you have a healthy and unconditional love for self…the love that comes from inside, not on validation of another. Secondly its Read More
These are taken from cards created by Esther and Jerry Hicks.   In my appreciation, I allow myself to receive wonderful things….   The best way to accomplish an improved environment is to focus upon the best things about where your currently Read More
These are taken from cards created by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Appreciation and love are identical vibrations.... Appreciation and love are identical vibrations. Appreciation is the vibration of alignment with who-you-really-are . Appreciation Read More
These are taken from cards created by Esther and Jerry Hicks.   My life is as good as I allow it to be….   Many people focus upon unwanted things, with no deliberate attention to the Emotional Guidance within them, and then they Read More
Self esteem and self respect are two of the MOST important aspects to ANY relationship, be it platonic or romantic. When we lack these two qualities in our relationships they are doomed to fail. That may sound harsh, but make no mistake, no matter how Read More
Do you find yourself attracting the same type of lover/relationship? Things seem to go are getting closer, you are finding yourself thinking this could be fun and then all of sudden for one reason or another things seem to go horrible awry? Read More
`With so much emphasis placed upon those relationships we have with others its no wonder that we find the most important relationship we have, the one with ourselves, lacking. When we are out of balance with the love we feel for ourselves our entire Read More
I performed my Full Moon ritual today...the energy was extremely powerful with all the astrological influences in the "air". My focus for this ritual was not just the "self". As I nurture the growing life within me (I'm currently 15 weeks along) Read More
Strength and courage are two of the most underrated characteristics within relationships. Whether its strength to withstand the obstacles and not just walk away or the courage and understanding to know when a relationship is no longer viable, these two Read More