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Here is an extremely simple yet effective spell for obtaining fast money when needed: On a Friday during the Waxing Moon anoint a green candle with an appropriate money-drawing oil, such as Patchouli, Jasmine, or Cinnamon. Read More
Greetings and happy August! Though summers heat is still bearing down on us strongly in many ways the Earth is still beginning to shift from summer to fall. The nights are slowly but surely growing longer and though we may not notice the weather will Read More
Front Porch Spell.Porches are magical places. In the art of feng shui, porches have special significance, serving as a transitional space between the outside world and our private space. As we settle into summer, treat yourself to some front-porch Read More
I performed my Full Moon ritual today...the energy was extremely powerful with all the astrological influences in the "air". My focus for this ritual was not just the "self". As I nurture the growing life within me (I'm currently 15 weeks along) Read More
Your third eye gives you an opportunity to experience different dimensions without having to leave your body. This is the easiest way to see other dimensions which your physical sight cannot perceive. You see through your eyes the physical Read More
Merry Midsummer, or Litha! Today is the longest day of the year and gives way to the longer nights, slowly but surely. I will be commencing my blessing ritual with the names of those who commented in previous posts or who emailed me. I wish you all a Read More
As the sun spirals its longest dance, Cleanse us As nature shows bounty and fertility Bless us Let all things live with loving intent And to fulfill their truest destiny.Is it not a little strange to refer to the Summer Solstice as “midsummer”, Read More
Thursday, June 17th 2010Bunker Hill DayWaxing Mon Moon Phase: First QuarterColor: WhiteMoon Sign: LeoMoon enters Virgo 1:41amIncense: NutmegStash Your Cash RitualWhether or not it’s in your nature to save for a rainy day, we’ve all run across a situation Read More
Fallen beauty, lying thereamongst the leaves and drying strawbrilliant red and silky longAlone and yet surrounded by all that is and wasHow does your color yet remainuntarnished, sweet, and strong?You rest there waiting for somethingto me unknownWhat Read More
Tuesday, June 15th 2010St. Vitus' Day FiresWaxing Moon Moon Phase: First QuarterColor: BrownMoon Sign: LeoIncense: CedarMudra Magic A mudra is a mysterious gesture or posture used in ritual throughout the world. The raising of the arms Read More
Greetings and Merry Meet!Litha is the celebration Summer Solstice and is one of the Lesser Wiccan Sabbats. Litha is a celebration of the midsummer solstice and takes place between the dates of Jun 19th-22nd. This year it falls on Monday, June 21st. Read More