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It's an all too familiar pattern. Things are really good. There is connectivity, intimacy, affection and he/she is responsive to your emails/calls/texts. You feel like we are building momentum and that evolution is soon to come. And it's an evolution Read More
Nearly 85-90% of those situations I read deal with love. Whether its a lost love, a current love, or questions on when love will be found its a rather central theme to each reading. Typically one of the questions I hear most is "Does he love Read More
​I love it when I ask a client what brings them in and they joke that it’s about love, adding "like 99.9% of everyone else". I love it because they sort of say it in jest and yet I don't think really have any idea just how accurate they are in that Read More
I've discussed at length some various forms of toxic relationships but I don't think that Ive really paid enough attention towards how we go on after we finally leave them. Mending a broken heart can be one of the single most difficult things we do. There Read More
Invariably when I tell people what I do for a living they ask “what is a reading?” It seems like a simple question and on the surface perhaps it is. However the confusion over what a reader is and isn’t as well as what a reading is and isn’t is quite Read More
Time and time again I help clients through relationships where they have busted their backsides to please their partner and yet find their needs completely unmet. They cry, stomp their feet, get angry and upset that they are not getting what they Read More
Though it may at first glance appear quite simple, falling in love is actually anything but. This is even more true when you take into account the faulty information conveyed in many "self-help" guidebooks which aim to help us "guard our hearts" Read More
What does the term "soul-mate" mean? In my line of work I often hear this term and at times it can cause quite a bit of controversy. In a world filled with Hollywood interpretation of love and relationships it can sometimes be quite difficult educating Read More
​ There are few things that get under the skin of your reader more than hearing the phrase “well this reader said…” and its various iterations. It’s not that we do not like competition—I tend to view our field much as that of nursing. Just as Read More
I have heard that relationships are a subtle dance between two people but I think that some take this sentiment WAY too far. There seems to be a rash of men who suddenly go from warm and inviting, wanting you and the relationship to being "unsure" "confused" Read More
Self esteem and self respect are two of the MOST important aspects to ANY relationship, be it platonic or romantic. When we lack these two qualities in our relationships they are doomed to fail. That may sound harsh, but make no mistake, no matter how Read More
Greetings and happy August! Though summers heat is still bearing down on us strongly in many ways the Earth is still beginning to shift from summer to fall. The nights are slowly but surely growing longer and though we may not notice the weather will Read More
I had a reading for a client who came to visit me today that was quite unsettling. I've never read for her before and I could tell by her twisting her napkin and tight posture that she really needed some insight but also empowerment. She started to explain Read More
I wanted to compile some tips for helping to get the most out of your reading. I find that these are helpful for the obvious reason of making sure that you are getting your monies worth but also with making sure that you are hiring the right Read More
In my line of work I come across what many would call "old souls", I even consider myself one of them. Sometimes you meet someone and they just seem to be armed with a depth that couldn't possibly be attained in one life time alone. Sometimes these "old Read More
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