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So what is so "happy" about this happy hour? I'm cutting my per minute fee by more than HALF! That's right-during these times my fee will be set at 1.99 per minute! This is more than half of my typical 4.99 per minute fee. I have been in this business Read More
Greetings and happy August! Though summers heat is still bearing down on us strongly in many ways the Earth is still beginning to shift from summer to fall. The nights are slowly but surely growing longer and though we may not notice the weather will Read More
It is officially July! One month from the first Harvest festival, just a few days before the celebration commences on our Nation's independence and just an all around hot and sticky month for most, lol! As we near July 4th I like to remind clients Read More
Can you believe its nearly July? It seems like just a few days ago that I was wishing for the Colorado winter to end and for summer to begin and now I am already exciting for Fall and the changing colors!I want to thank everyone, EVERYONE, for their wonderful Read More
Each caller who comes in receives 1 minute free (this excludes those already coming in with free minutes) and those who spend 15 minutes or more receive 5 minutes for their next call!This is an on going special for the month so take advantage while you Read More
If you would like the chance to receive a free email reading please submit your first name and dob and your question (if your question is about another please include their first name and dob). I am giving away 5 of these babies so comment fast!Blessed Read More