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It's an all too familiar pattern. Things are really good. There is connectivity, intimacy, affection and he/she is responsive to your emails/calls/texts. You feel like we are building momentum and that evolution is soon to come. And it's an evolution Read More
It is said that anywhere from 30-60% of married men will stray outside of their marriage at some point. The reasons for their infidelity vary but typically they find themselves bored with the day to day and craving something clandestine and illicit. While Read More
****Originally published in OM Times MagazineWhen it comes to matters of the heart we can often ignore relationship warning signs that there is trouble in paradise. We deny, we turn our cheek, we bury our heads in the sand all to avoid seeing the end Read More
  You were too available. You came on too strong. You slept with him too soon. You didn’t sleep with him soon enough. You let it slip that you want to get married. You told him you loved him. You were too clingy. You were too emotional. You Read More
Nearly 85-90% of those situations I read deal with love. Whether its a lost love, a current love, or questions on when love will be found its a rather central theme to each reading. Typically one of the questions I hear most is "Does he love Read More
8 Steps To Spring Clean Your Love LifeIve been cleaning my house like a mad woman (and for the record, I DEPLORE cleaning!); organizing junk drawers; vacuuming shoe closets and even tackling the rather arduous task of whittling down my walk-in closet. Read More
 So you have found yourself involved with a married man and perhaps you are wondering just WTF you are doing? Maybe you oscillate back and forth between telling yourself he loves you and will leave “her” and feeling hopeless that you will always be stuck Read More
I woke up this morning with an insatiable need to write something though I found myself waffling over the various topics that were floating around in my head.As is often the case I set everything up-coffee in a reasonable proximity and I cannot seem to Read More
So what is so "happy" about this happy hour? I'm cutting my per minute fee by more than HALF! That's right-during these times my fee will be set at 1.99 per minute! This is more than half of my typical 4.99 per minute fee. I have been in this business Read More
​I love it when I ask a client what brings them in and they joke that it’s about love, adding "like 99.9% of everyone else". I love it because they sort of say it in jest and yet I don't think really have any idea just how accurate they are in that Read More
I've discussed at length some various forms of toxic relationships but I don't think that Ive really paid enough attention towards how we go on after we finally leave them. Mending a broken heart can be one of the single most difficult things we do. There Read More
I have been noticing in a few of my conversations with friends, clients and colleagues that there is this rash of frenetic energy that is causing a few to slip in their path towards positive thinking and direct manifestation.  Many cannot Read More
Time and time again I help clients through relationships where they have busted their backsides to please their partner and yet find their needs completely unmet. They cry, stomp their feet, get angry and upset that they are not getting what they Read More
How often do you have a storm of emotions running wild internally while externally you have a beautiful albeit forced smile on your face? How many times have you been talking to your boss in a kind and conciliatory manner when internally you were thinking Read More
Though it may at first glance appear quite simple, falling in love is actually anything but. This is even more true when you take into account the faulty information conveyed in many "self-help" guidebooks which aim to help us "guard our hearts" Read More
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