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Desire/Yearning/InspirationBehold the Queen of the Night: the embodiment of all longing. She is the endless night of desire that never thinks of morning; but not just of physical desire. She can inspire you to write a poem, pain a picture, find a lover- Read More
Pure Joy/Sense of Wonder/Without JudgmentLook at this faerie child. She embodies pure delight- pure joy of being alive in the world around her! Children spend time in the realm of Faerie without realizing that its a separate reality (and for them perhaps Read More
False Perceptions/Enthrallment/Release from CaptivityThe Captive Man says a lot about the darker nature of Faerie. Faerie women, especially Faerie Queens, have always desired human male companionship and they aren't very particular about how they go about Read More
Lord Of The Forest Eternal Masculine/Action/StrengthMasculine energy is something that we have as part of our basic energy makeup. It doesn't matter if we are male or female, we all have masculine energy within us. It is a driving force that gets us to Read More