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Your Check-in with the Universe

February 2018 - Posts

A Blessing for Prosperity and Abundance: Source Energy, I call upon you now to bless my life with prosperity and abundance. I release all blocks and cords preventing self-love, as I allow a wave of prosperity and abundance to flow into my life. I allow Read More
Card for the Week is Earth 🌏 Dragon πŸ‰ Ground yourself to the Earth and allow things that are stuck in your life to move forward. The earth dragon can clear ley lines underneath your home or office to purge negative energy in your life. Allow the path Read More
The Card for the Weekend is Horus or Cosmic Gateway. The recent New Moon, in a month with no Full Moons, has left a powerful portal open, allowing us to manifest great changes and bring things about which are long in the coming. We must remember are thoughts Read More
You may feel scattered this week, but it is important you stay focused on the outcome your really want. Set an intention and stick to it. Do not let the negative "what ifs" creep in. Decide things are going to go how you want them to go and STAY FOCUSSED Read More
Card for the Weekend, Rainbow Dragon 🌈 πŸ‰πŸŒžπŸ’ Often when good fortune seeks us out, we are not ready for it and we believe it is an illusion. Make sure this weekend you are ready for something good! Accept opportunities which are offered to you. Be Read More
Cards for the Week, Earth 🌏 Dragon πŸ‰ and Air 🌬Dragon πŸ‰These fourth dimensional dragons remind us to move forward and rise above. Earth clears old karma, Air represents higher possibilities. Together they promise the winds of change are coming and Read More
Card for the Weekend, Spiritual Support. πŸ™πŸ» Know that you are surrounded by the love and support of your angels and spirit guides at all times. If there are things you weren't sure about until now, allow this support to give you the freedom of expression Read More