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  Babaji says, "Laugh more" :) Get ready to tune into Babaji the Caveman's new episode: "Babaji the Caveman: The Role of Silence in Laughter - Part 2" which will be on the air live on Monday at 6 pm PST and every week on Mondays at 6 pm Read More
Prophet Babaji said:"This holiday weekend, give more love than you take.Show compassion to those who are grieving and lost,and give joy to people who need it most."Thank you,Babajiz disciplz :) Read More
Babaji said, "Give a little more than you take and the world will be a better place" :) You can always find Guruji HH Prophet Babaji on the Spiritual listing category ONLY as the #1 highest rated Spiritual advisor  With Love,Babajiz disciplz Read More
You can always find Babaji ONLY on #1 highest rated Spiritual advisor on the Spiritual listing category. "Keen Radio Host #1 Grandmaster Love Laughter Guru" We would greatly appreciate your feedback on Prophet Babaji's new Keen radio show, "Babaji Read More