June 2016 - Posts

Play is expansive. It gives us the energetic space we need to feel alive and imagine the possibilities that are available to further inspire us. Read More
Play, and playful thought, can hold a very powerful way to connect to what our True Self needs to thrive. Read More
Hugging can be a spiritual practice if you do it mindfully with full awareness. Read More
The truth is, living an enlightened life is simple and straightforward.  You see it all around you through the innocence of children and the carefree life of bonobos for instance. Read More
Play is an important part of an enlightened life. If you’re not sure how this would look in your life, ask yourself this question: what do I like to do for fun? What’s refreshing and enjoyable? What activity, when I do it, causes me to forget about my Read More
Play is an important part of living simply, which means we have slowly made a life-giving way of life—and it may look different in every person. Read More
Seriousness is sickness. It leads to death, not to eternal life. Life is playfulness, fun, because the whole existence is a  circus. It is all fun ? All the colors of the flowers, so many beautiful animals, birds, clouds, don´t serve any purpose. Read More
Crazy wisdom is the expression in life of the realization that the phenomenal world and the transcendental Reality share the same essence.Seen from the perspective of the ignorant mind, operating on the basis of a sharp separation between subject Read More
How can you find this inner quiet, tranquility, and calm? You must make room for it — literally. Find a space of physical silence where you can sit quietly, away from distracting demands, voices, and sounds. Go there every day. It is the gateway to your Read More
Pure Silence is here and now. There is nothing you can do to make yourself experience it or be aware of it. However, by allowing the thought patterns of the mind to quiet, by attending to the silence itself, without concept, without force, without Read More
Here is an excerpt of Prophet Babajiz new episode on Keen Blog Radio, "Mime: The Link Between Silence and Laughter" which will be on the air live on Monday, 13 June 2016 at 6 pm PST."The prophets of all times used the medium of mime to reveal profound Read More