July 2016 - Posts

The Great Love is present in the universe, which of course also puts it at the center of our own being. And sometimes, the Great Love hits us directly and changes our lives. Read More
When you have a dedicated partner or lover, there is an opportunity to really drop into amazing experiences of love. Read More
To be able to give happiness and joy, you must practice deep looking directed toward the person you love. And the fruit of this looking deeply is called understanding. Love is a true thing if it is made up of a substance called understanding. Read More
The Great Love, the love that is the center of everything, is present in everything, peeking out during every moment in which we feel a spark of tenderness, appreciation, or affection. Any glimmer of love is a spark from that fire and leads us back to Read More
Don't try to achieve union. It's not achievable. It can only be allowed and melted into because its already here within you. Read More
Life is more than just survival, It's about being alive Taking all your new discoveries to laugh, grow & thrive; So wake up & greet each moment with all the gifts they bring Through all of Creation's melodies Is the chance for you to Read More
Where there is love there is laughter and where there is laughter there is love. Read More
With humor, we are enacting happiness. We are embodying happiness. We are giving ourselves a chance to feel it in the heart, body, and mind. Read More
You are to live the laughter inside of you and feel the higher vibration rising within you.  This, for you, should be what living is all about. Read More
Humans are born with the ability to feel and express joy through laughter.  Read More
I believe that in order to achieve true bliss, one must bring the mind, body and spirit together. By focusing on the energy of joyful laughter, you are in the moment, alive and free. Read More
The old saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me" is not true.  Words, especially hurtful ones, can wound deeper than any weapon can, because memory has a way of staying for years and years in your mind and the Read More
Laughter is the most basic, primal sound that humans make that is essential to enlightenment. Laughter is also an instinctive behavior, produced and recognized by people of all cultures. Read More
Play becomes the way to connect to, and fill, the often magical space from which we create. Read More
Have fun for its own sake. It’s not about competition, winning a prize, or defeating an adversary. It’s about sharing connections and cultivating Joy. Read More
Joy, rather than happiness, is the goal of life, for joy is the feeling that we have as human beings. It is based on knowing one’s identity as being of worth and dignity. Read More
Being playful is a way to experience Authentic Fun,the consequence of which is Joy. Read More
Knowing our relationship to play (this lighter side of life) and what helps us to connect to this magical place is a key element in our spiritual practice. Read More
Take some time to play this summer, and to see it not as a mindless escape or guilty pleasure, but as a spiritual practice that will help you grow in joy. Read More
Babaji says, "Love one another and take care of each other."Love is an emotion that is meant to be shared and celebrated by all. Read More
Play is how I connect with the True Self most fully. Read More