September 2016 - Posts

During the retrograde, your love relationships may go haywire with miscommunications and crazy turnabouts of all kinds. Read More
Do call your old flame from many years ago to see what she’s up to. During Mercury retrograde, you may be surprised to find that the romance that didn’t work then, will work now. Read More
Do show compassion and forgiveness toward a recent love relationship that has broken-up, especially if you still have unresolved feelings about it. Read More
There are a few common communication snafus during retrograde — you say one thing and your partner hears another. Read More
So although Mercury Retrograde may affect many people emotionally and mentally, it offers you a unique opening to talk to your deeper subconscious. Read More
It is during Mercury Retrograde that negative inner voices can seem to be more prominent in your consciousness. Read More
During Mercury Retrograde, don’t take it for granted that your partner knows you and knows what you really mean — assume he/she has no clue. Be extra clear, direct, forthright and honest when you’re confused. Read More
Do take time to sit down with your partner and resolve your differences. Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to openly discuss upsetting problems or contentious issues that have produced tension between you. Read More
During Mercury Retrograde normal communications, even with those we have a love relationship with, become unreliable and filled with misinformation where important data is missing or misunderstood. Read More
During these three weeks when Mercury is retrograde, one’s mental faculties are not functioning well when it comes to the way a person interacts in their social relationships, especially those concerning matters of the heart. Read More
During Mercury Retrograde, it's easy to misunderstand your partner.  This can lead to fights that are unnecessary and potentially destructive. Read More
During this Retrograde time, your heightened feelings are entirely coming from within your own personality. This is a great time to find out about your subconscious self. Read More
Sometimes life can be hectic.  Responsibilities pile up to the point where your relationship becomes a lower priority.  This trend has contributed to apathy and relationship fatigue.  A cure for that is to diligently take time for your Read More
Established couples who have successfully navigated the trials and tribulations of their relationship can enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Years of patiently allowing each other to grow from their own mistakes, laughing at sorrows and celebrating Read More
One of the most important tasks a couple has is to build strength in the integrity of the partnership.  In order for your relationship to thrive, you both have to be diligent in maintaining trust, friendship and loyalty.  Mindfully tending these Read More
Conventional wisdom regarding love relationships tell us to find partners with as much similarities as possible, to prevent future incidences of friction.  One has to consider that differences can also be an important element of relationships.Dissimilarities Read More
The first flush of love is filled with excitement and discovery for couples everywhere.  As they become more established, relationships settle to complacency, boredom and stagnation.  This phenomenon can be avoided if one understands the importance Read More
Most people are led to believe that the idea to strive for is to find "the one" who will love you unconditionally and become your permanent partner for your "happily ever after" story.  Life teaches us that the perfect mate is the person that is Read More