October 2016 - Posts

Not knowing shows the mystery of life and honors the mysterious things that come our way as spiritual gifts. Read More
Your True Self is empowering you to live the life you want to live. Read More
If you want enlightenment, then take this very moment to let go of everything. Read More
You let go of the attachment to the material things that surround you—You can take these or leave them; it is all the same. Read More
With more time, you may hear the voice of your intuition and understand the will of your True Self. Read More
Learning to find that inner flow in ourselves and trust where it takes us is also what this is about. Read More
If you want enlightenment, then take this very moment to let go. Read More
Spiritual awakening is about fully letting go into this present moment. Read More
Being “out in the world,” trying to serve in more direct ways means thatyou must cultivate chastity through innocence of mind and heart, obedience through personal responsibility and poverty through detachment. Read More
Those who try to make their life secure will lose it, but those who lose their life will keep it. Read More
Because it's so natural to hold on to things, every choice about what to keep or throw away shows what matters to us. Read More
One of the greatest secrets of the spiritual path is this: let go. Just let go. Read More
That is one of the marvels of letting go: it always leads to a deepening and an enrichment of your life. Read More
Today is the day when you can be the miracle you want to be, and follow your dreams without fear. Read More
Spiritual enlightenment is a team sport; it takes a spiritual village to raise a spiritual child. Read More
Modern trends toward distrust caused the breakdown of the group effort that spiritual evolution has almost always been in the past.     Read More
Trust is a conviction that life can include relationships, with people and with God. Read More
An attitude of trust – toward the Divine, toward life – is the basis for healthy spirituality.  Read More
Without trust, no amount of techniques, disciplines, retreats or spiritual directors, or any other kind of effort or struggle will result in on-going encouragement and vitality. Read More
The ability to believe without concrete proof leads into faith. Faith is the believing with heart and soul that something unseen exists. Read More
It takes great wisdom and courage to know when to follow your heart and trust that what you are doing is the right thing. Read More
Overcoming this fear of looking inward to see who you really are is the largest task you can face. Read More
Trust is an attitude of hopefulness about life, a sense that the power of love is the greatest power, at least over the long haul.  Read More
Faith is a decision based on who and where you stand on your spiritual journey. Read More
Trust is more than just a choice.  It is an essential need. Read More
The crisis of distrust handicaps the spiritual evolution of humanity as a whole, and hampers individual prospects for achieving true and lasting spiritual gains. Read More
Trust is the seed from which belief and then faith, especially blind faith, comes from. Read More