January 2017 - Posts

Changing the world takes small steps everyday. Read More
Take care of the world, and the world will take care of you. Read More
True devotion comes from the unexpected beings in your life. Read More
Loving devotion is the backdrop of true growth. Read More
Your dedication to your duty serves the whole world. Read More
Love and commitment give birth to genuine relationship. Read More
True devotion can come from those you least expect it from. Read More
True commitment comes from sincere devotion, not obligation. Read More
True greatness happens when you commit to your part with the whole world. Read More
You show your true devotion to your lover through your commitment. Read More
Once you commit to your duty, you have the power to improve the world. Read More
Commitment to partnerships is the product of free will and true devotion. Read More
Give you 100% in your commitment to what you love. Read More
The greatest gift you can give your lover is your commitment. Read More
Commitment to love means looking beyond the obvious to find the commonalities in all of us. Read More
Commitment to love is the backbone to true compassion. Read More
When all three pillars of love combine into the perfect blend of intimacy, passion, and commitment, consummate love arises in what many feel is the best of all worlds. Read More
Love and commitment go hand in hand; without commitment,love doesn't grow, and without love, commitment has no focus. Read More
When there's perfect alignment between who you are and how you are being, you are authentic and fully self-expressed Read More
If commitment is the ultimate expression of your values and who you are, self-expression is a core ingredient of commitment. Read More
Expand your vision while you deepen your commitment in order to produce powerful results. Read More
Commitment is the willingness to do the hard work to make things happen.  Read More
Passion is the essence of commitment, the fire from within which motivates you. Read More
 People need to commit to something for an extended period of time, even after the excitement goes away. Read More
Commitment exists when your actions meet the expectation of our words - you say what you mean and you mean what you say, and you do exactly what you say. Read More