February 2017 - Posts

Hope springs eternal in the eve of troubles and strife. Read More
Hope and love go hand in hand with life. Read More
By being in love with your Higher self, you become one with the Universe. Read More
Celebrate Divine Love by recognizing the Oneness of Being. Read More
True freedom comes from loving the True Self within you. Read More
The glowing center of divine love is within us all. Read More
Divine love is seen in all of creation. Read More
Divine love is the highest and purest love in existence. Read More
Romance is the bridge between the ideal of love and its manifestation to reality. Read More
Romance exists in all forms of nature. Read More
The fruit of romance manifests in the family you create. Read More
Differences make interesting sparks between you and your lover. Read More
The secret of romance is to make your ideals a reality. Read More
May love blossom for all the days of your life. Read More
Romance expresses itself through the miracle of connectivity. Read More
Friendship is about rejoicing in each others' being. Read More
People move into love with such great enthusiasm, with such great hope and fantasy. Read More
Friendship is more meditative; It has no passion but it has tremendous compassion. Read More
Love has a rational quality to it but friendship is very irrational. Read More
Friendship has a more eternal quality to it; it doesn’t change. Read More
Friendship is between two beings: it is asexual and transcendental to the physical. Read More
Family is defined through the bonds of love. Read More
Nothing speaks love more loudly than one's actions. Read More
Real love is when one looks at another unflinchingly and reaches out anyway. Read More
Compassion makes every being your kindred. Read More
The love of those close to you is the best benediction you can have. Read More
The love of family holds the world in a miraculous way. Read More