April 2017 - Posts

Believing the impossible shakes the foundation of reality to create miracles. Read More
Helping the innocents is one of the greatest signs of keeping faith with the Universe. Read More
Love lightens the burdens of those with the greatest faith. Read More
Your steadfast faith lights your life path. Read More
You never know when your faith will catch something extraordinary. Read More
Faith is the bridge between the mortal and Divine. Read More
Your faith leads you to the most unexpected places in life. Read More
Knowing where your limits are and moving beyond them is a sign of strong faith. Read More
Humility and faith is the most direct path to Divinity. Read More
The only way to find yourself is to take that one giant leap of faith forward. Read More
Questioning one's faith is the most direct way to find it. Read More
Miracles happen when you have the faith to reach out and hold them. Read More
Blind faith is following what you know in your heart to be the right path. Read More
The belief shown by the smallest beings can certainly move the greatest obstacles. Read More
Increasing our faith is as simple as being. Read More
Even the most precarious situations yield signs of the greatest belief. Read More
Hanging onto the edge of the impossible is a true sign of faith. Read More
The stone of faith creates ripples throughout Eternity. Read More
Faith involves living for right now. Read More
Every small step made in faith can help you leap mountains. Read More
There is no wrong way to have faith in your own path. Read More
Living in fear is not living in faith. Read More
It takes strong faith to rest on another being's mercy. Read More
Faith shows you that there is always something better on the other side. Read More