June 2017 - Posts

Freedom gives every creatures wings to fly. Read More
The celebration of freedom is part of the joy of living. Read More
Freedom means receiving what already is there for you to reach. Read More
Freedom is realizing that you have the key to your own cage. Read More
Duty and loyalty are the natural impulse of every creature. Read More
The duty of each person is to spread peace. Read More
Love and mercy can be expressed through your duty to others. Read More
There is room to fit in duty and compassion for those who need it. Read More
The hard work of one's duty yields spectacular results no one would have thought of. Read More
The seed of duty is giving to one's neighbor, to reach out when no one else would. Read More
The wold is healed by your intention of doing your loving duty to others. Read More
Duty can only be effective in the atmosphere of trust. Read More
The fruit of devotional service is confidence. Read More
The universe is supported by the web of devotion and duty. Read More
Love and duty go hand in hand with family devotion. Read More
You can show genuine duty and service to every creature. Read More
Nothing is more sacred than one's duty to new life. Read More
Love and duty binds people more strongly than blood. Read More
Devotional duty to one affects the whole. Read More
Duty by any other name has the same spirit in any form. Read More
Duty to family breathes life to all its members. Read More
Devotional service holds the world together. Read More
Cooperation for the higher good can come in all shapes and sizes. Read More
You cannot mistake the true call of your soul's duty. Read More
You never know when you will meet an unlikely hero one day. Read More
Every creature instinctively knows how to follow their duty. Read More
Your life path is rooted to listening to the call of duty. Read More
One of the highest duties are between a parent and child. Read More