July 2017 - Posts

Freedom is always within your reach. Read More
Hope and freedom grow in the most unlikely places. Read More
Love cannot drown truth, or hold your freedom away from you. Read More
The strongest chains are the ones you make in your mind. Read More
Fighting for freedom now liberates the innocents of the future. Read More
The  bonds of love sets the spirit free from its chains. Read More
Babajiz Joke:I didn't believe in reincarnation last time, either, when I used to be a bat :)Come and hang out with Prophet Babaji now in some other available branches. Read More
Being alive is the greatest freedom that exists. Read More
Freedom is knowing when to hold on and let go. Read More
Focusing on your center gives you the freedom to balance your life. Read More
The freedom of the soul comes from its unfolding and evolution. Read More
True freedom comes from the emergence of your spirit which has long been held dormant. Read More
Sometimes the road to true freedom is one you walk alone. Read More
The light of your soul illuminates your path to freedom. Read More
Freedom of spirit comes when you sit and simply receive. Read More
Being one with your True Self opens the door to real freedom. Read More
Being balanced creates freedom in your life. Read More
Prayer frees your soul to fly to Infinity. Read More
The road to freedom goes ever forward. Read More
Freedom is as self evident as the clouds in the sky. Read More
The limits of your freedom are only in your imagination. Read More
You create your life inside the space of freedom. Read More
Your leap of faith gives you the freedom to go beyond your limits. Read More
The magic of love gives one the freedom to dream. Read More
Love gives you the freedom for your heart to fly. Read More
Finding freedom isn't hard, it's all around you. Read More