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March 2007 - Posts

Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Seven of Cups,   Today is a day of uncertainty. You find decisions difficult as you are putting your needs and wants in perspective. See the truths not the dreams, as you must not hold on Read More
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seven of Wands  Today you need to rely on your true inner strength, there is competition for what you want in life and only determination and valour will lead you to victory. It is not a day for Read More
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   The High Priestess  Today is a day to trust in your instincts. Do not let emotion rule the day, instead take charge by listening to the energies within you.  This card sees the female Read More
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ten of Wands   Today we are faced with dealing with the challenges we face, we are tired of the fight which has gone on to long, it is a day of needing to take a break from this stress. Challenges Read More
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ King/Queen of Coins   Today is a day for family focus as you are looking after responsibilities. Getting finances in order or taking care of pressing business is your first priority. It is a day Read More