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Thoughts on Some of Life's Larger Issues
In December 2003 a car crashed through a fence into a Sydney child care centre and caught fire. Little Sophie Delizio was trapped underneath it. She suffered burns to most of her tiny body and lost both feet, some fingers, and her right ear. It was a Read More
Last night Himself was out in the garage with The Other Woman. My rival is a 1977 MG that he caresses and babies and spends a lot of money on. Attracted by the light, a very tired, bedraggled magpie lark flew in under the partly closed door seeking shelter Read More
Like most people, I love a bargain. Last Sunday found me browsing through the local swap meet, on the prowl for treasure. My eye was caught by a steam iron that I have always coveted but couldn’t justify buying. It was one of those “steam stations” with Read More
Persecution of one individual by others has always been a problem. If it happens at school we call it bullying; in the workplace it’s harassment; and in a “love” relationship it’s stalking. But what has changed is that with the advent of new technologies Read More
You’ve probably heard the expression, “It’s easier to give than to receive.” It’s certainly true that receiving makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Asking for help is even harder. They cringe at the thought of it.   Think about this. When you Read More
Picture an iceberg. Only one tenth of it shows above the waterline, the other ninety percent is unseen. The mind is exactly the same. We use approximately ten percent of it, the rest remains a mystery.   Callers ring wanting explanations of WHY Read More
One of the most profound spiritual lessons that I have learned is that whenever we come across an apparent paradox, we have stumbled over an essential Truth about the way the Universe operates. Whenever two things apparently contradict each other, they Read More
Some years ago I was doing Tarot readings at a local shopping mall. An elderly lady sat down in front of me. Her opening words were, “This is the first time I have done this. I have been a Catholic all my life. I have been taught that these things are Read More
Two and a half years ago my husband came off his motorbike and broke his collarbone. He has been in pain ever since. Every time he saw a doctor he would say that it felt to him as though the bone was moving, but the response was always the same – do your Read More
"The man who makes no mistakes lacks boldness and the spirit of adventure. He never tries anything new. He is the brake on the spirit of progress." M. W. Larmour.   When a baby is learning to walk, at first it falls down more often than it succeeds. Read More
When adversity strikes, trees cannot run away. Faced with storms, drought or attack by insects they dig deep with their roots and reach up with their branches to the life force that comes from above. They flex and adapt. Today, be a tree. Cling tight Read More
We need to achieve a balance between socializing and solitude. If we are around others all the time we don’t learn to appreciate our own company. If we are isolated, we fail to benefit from what others can teach us. At the end of each day, reflect on Read More
I spend a lot of time watching my husband’s rear end. Don’t worry, I’m not admitting to anything kinky! It’s just that we spend a lot of time motor biking, with one following along behind the other. It’s nice being the one at the back. You can relax a Read More
           Once upon a time there was a frumpy dumpy little caterpillar who didn’t know who she really was. As is the way with caterpillars, she had only a dim awareness of the beauty that lay within Read More
Shiva and Shakti, the Divine Couple in Hinduism, are in their heavenly abode watching over the earth. They are touched by the challenges of human life, the complexity of human reactions, and the ever-present place of suffering in the human experience. Read More