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April 2007 - Posts

Feeling stressed today? Take a few minutes to try this meditation on for size :) Blessings, PandoraP Recovering Perfection Meditation Our basic state is one of purity, bliss, and awareness. When you were a baby you were in this virginal, joyous condition. Read More
Roses Meditation When was the last time you stopped and really looked at the perfection of a rose? I am sure the smell of a fresh rose brings back fond memories of the past for you... the person who gave you your first rose... the person who wore the Read More
  Today is a Full Moon in Libra 4/2/2007 The full moon in Libra is all about balance, both literally and figuratively.    Think about your life, are you in balance? Remember, all work and no play makes for a hard life. Strive Read More