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March 2010 - Posts

The Sun squared Pluto yesterday and US Congressmen were threatened by angry voters operating outside of the law, another sex scandal erupted in the Vatican, with some calling for the resignation of the Pope, and the US and Russia came to terms on a nuclear Read More
Between today and tomorrow, Thursday March 25, the Sun is squaring Pluto, a difficult energy. It creates power struggles, obsessivness and compulsiveness, and emotions are running high. It is best to let this energy pass, remember what it is, and not Read More
As predicted in the previous newsletter, the healthcare reform vote was a bitter battle to the end, (it passed by 7 votes) and now the American people will have the opportunity to see exactly what was passed by US Congress. There are going to be many Read More
Welcome to spring, 2010. The astrological New Year begins when the Sun enters Aries at 0 degrees on Saturday, March 20, at 1;32 PM EST.  This marks the day of an astronomical event  that occurs twice a years as the tilt of the Earth’s axis is Read More
Mitchell Scott Lewis is a NY based financial astrologer and a favorite Author of mine..LeslieSaturn will retrograde back into Virgo this month, and that may not be very good news for the banking industry. Saturn rules the banks, and Virgo is the sign Read More
This month’s new moon is at 25 degrees in Pisces today, Monday, March 15. New moons represent times of new beginnings, and Pisces is the natural ruler of the twelfth house of things secret and hidden, the unconscious mind, hospitals and institutions Read More
  Okay, then. Welcome to 2010. The depression continues, our federal government is languishing in stagnation crippled by infighting between the two parties, Europe is about to topple, China’s economy is either a raging bull, or raging bullshit, Read More
Saturn, the taskmaster, entered the sign of marriage and relationships October 31, 2009.  While in Libra, the planet of structure and hard work will create stress in many relationships  and marriages. Libra also rules justice and governments, and will Read More
In my last post, I wrote that the full moon in Virgo on 2-28-2010 would relate to matters connected with the earth, as the sign Virgo rules matters associated with the earth/Mother nature.  I also wrote the Mercury-Neptune conjunction relates to Read More