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"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

May 2010 - Posts

May’s full moon occurs on Thursday May 27th at 7;07 PM EST at 6 degrees of Sagittarius, the planet of expansion.  The downside of expansion is that everything may be exaggerated or blown out of proportion.  Sagittarius is a fire sign, no wallflowers here, Read More
Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was caught up in a tabloid sting last week (May 2010) selling access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew of England to an undercover tabloid reporter for the equivalent of $750,000 US dollars.  Video surfaced Read More Read More
Mercury, the planet of communication officially goes officially direct Tuesday, May 11, but don’t expect things to immediately move forward.  Mercury is stationary retrograde at 2 degrees of Taurus until Saturday the 15, when it will start to move forward. Read More
The first weekend in May (2010) started out with a bang with an unprecedented oil slick encroaching upon the gulf coast of the US, an attempted car bombing in NYC, and historic flooding throughout Nashville, TN, and the South. This is due to Read More
A Number astrological factors contributed to yesterday’s massive Wall Street Sell-Off, at one point dipping nearly 1000 points before recovering a majority of the loss. News reports says a technical glitch, possibly a typographical error, triggered the Read More
The Dow was off 996 pts a few minutes ago, back up 400 points at the time of this post. This is Saturn opposing Uranus at work-unexpected events. This is being blamed in part on problems in Greece, due to  cuts in spending.  I have looked at the chart Read More
The Full Moon at 8 degrees of Scorpio fell directly on President Obama’s Neptune in Scorpio in his ninth house of foreign affairs, affecting his outlook on the world, issues relating to legal and medical issues, foreign policy issues, and education.  Read More