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July 2010 - Posts

July 2010 is a month of change in the world, and the way we live on planet Earth, but it will not be without turmoil, upheaval and unexpected events on the world stage that will affect our lives. At this time we will be forced to look at new ways of doing Read More
This month’s full moon is at 2 degrees of Aquarius on July 26 in the sign considered to represent collective humanity. The ruler of Aquarius is often overlooked.  Uranus, the planet of unexpected events, and unusual/shocking twists and turns are the rule Read More
    Saturn has entered Libra for a two year sojourn in that sign.  It is now opposing Uranus at 180 degrees. Add to that mix a square- a 90 degree angle- from the planet Pluto, the “God of the Underworld,’ and we have what is known as a grand square Read More
The planet of delays, restriction and structure enters the sign ruling relationships and partnerships for a two year stay until October 7, 2012. Saturn is leaving Virgo, the sign ruling work, the earth, health and healthcare for 30 years. Read More
Venus, the planet of love, entered Virgo for the next 29 days, Saturday July 10.  Mars, the planet of sex, male energy and action entered Virgo last month.  When Mars and Venus are in the same sign, and it is your sign (Virgo) or your fifth house of love Read More
He won’t be remembered by the world after a few days, but will be forever mourned by his friends and family.  Nate Henn was the 25 year old American man murdered by terrorists linked to Al-Quaeda at the World Cup in Uganda over the weekend.  The terrorist Read More
"Well, this is the period we’ve been looking at for some time. I can’t guarantee that we’re going to see some tremendous events right on the aspects, but we sure have a bunch of doozys. This month will begin with a Solar Eclipse. Then we have Saturn entering Read More
As we approach the weekend solar eclipse in emotional Cancer the ruler of women, one of the most compelling stories relates to the news story out of Iran about a Mother of two sentenced to death for alleged adultery by stoning.  It is hard to believe Read More
Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Iranian Mother, could be put to death at any moment. Please sign the petition for her release   Read More