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November 2010 - Posts

The planets of love and money started to move forward on November 18 after a retrograde period, and this has a powerful effect on our love lives, social lives and financial lives.But, while Venus officially went direct on November 18, she will not resume Read More
I found this on Lemondrop, and wanted to share..What's healthier: Still bringing up your ex five-hundred moons after you broke up with him, or, say, doing a search for his name on Flickr and gaining access to his latest photo uploads in the privacy of Read More
The energy of the full moon in Taurus is building as the Sun squares Neptune at 26 degrees of Scorpio becoming exact Friday, November 19.  When a transiting aspect becomes exact, the energy reaches a culmination or a peak, and after it crosses the exact Read More
Three planets were in the intense sign of Scorpio as we started the month of November-the Sun, Mercury and Venus, and we saw a New Moon at 13 degrees of Scorpio on November 6. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of sex, money, other people’s Read More
Sign this petition to save Sakineh and I will be happy to send you free minutes if you drop me an email. She was convicted of 'adultery,' in Iran and sentenced to death by stoning. They bury the women up to their shoulders and townspeople hit them in Read More
Mid-term elections occur in the US on November, 2, 2010.  All members of the US House of Representatives and Senate are up for election, as well as governors in 24 states, some state legislatures, and county offices. On Tuesday, November 2, Jupiter Read More