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March 2011 - Posts

As we start the third month of the year, Venus, the planet of love and money entered Aquarius March 1. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the planet of ‘freedom at any cost.’  It is unconventional energy, sometimes quirky.  This is considered the sign of Read More
Uranus made a dramatic entrance into the sign Aries March 11, as earthquakes and a tsunami wrecked havoc on Japan and Hawaii, leaving thousands homeless and dead. Uranus entered Aries officially March 11 at 7:52PM EST. Uranus acts swiftly; squaring Read More
As we approach the peak of this very special full moon, often called a supermoon (apparently named by astrologer Richard Nolle in the seventies) so much massive change is occurring on the planet. When disaster and tragedy strike it is often difficult Read More
We are on the precipice of major planetary change as Uranus transits through the final degrees of Pisces (March 2011). Uranus is the planet of sudden, unexpected change, upheaval and revolution.  Uranus is a slow moving planet, taking seven years to transit Read More
">Sagittarius- Mars transits your fourth house ruling the home this month and you may spend more time here, or be faced with a move or home repairs and renovations, along with a focus on family.  With Venus transiting through Aquarius most of the month Read More
Leo- Jupiter trines your Sun this month, a great time for accomplishing just about anything you want. You will be most fortunate in March if you were born July 31-August 9. If you were born after August 9, the planet of luck will beam down on you in Read More
Aries- You are entering a new cycle of experience as both Jupiter and Uranus are in your sign. (Uranus enters Aries March 11) Jupiter brings gifts and luck and is a once every twelve year occurrence.  So, the last time the planet of gain and expansion Read More
March 13, 2011 Uranus enters Aries at 0 degrees, known as the Aries point, or the world point.  Uranus at 0 degree of Aries is significant, and Author, Astrologer Celeste Teal writes, “Sometimes it represents a "spectacular out rush of energies... and Read More
March’s new moon falls at 13 degrees of Pisces on March 4, at 3:46PM Pisces is the natural ruler of the twelfth house of the unconscious and subconscious, the place where all ideas are formed. The twelfth house is the last house in the zodiac, and while Read More