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October 2011 - Posts

Halloween is only a day.  It should last a MONTH! Read More
Mercury squares Mars October 28. This aspect is an argument waiting to happen.  You may feel angry and frustrated, and other people may react this way toward you.  Accidents can occur and it is important to be aware of this while driving.  Mercury rules Read More
Today’s New Moon falls in Scorpio at three degrees.  Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of sex, money and other people’s money, and to some extent we will all be focused on these areas. Of course each New moon, as well as each transit Read More
The Sun conjuncts Saturn October 13-14.  This may be a day with the energy of a wet blanket, but serious work can be attended to. These days are the time to take care of business, and focus on issues that are important and need attending to.  Any Saturn Read More
The US Attorney General today announced the foiling of a plot by elements of the Iranian government to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador on American soil using Mexican drug cartels. This comes as no surprise on the eve of this full moon in Aries. Read More
October 2011-Changing Seasons We begin the month with the Sun, Moon and Mercury in peace seeking Libra.  Mars, the action planet is in Leo, and Leo does things in a dramatic way.  Thus our actions, and those of the world, and people Read More
This month’s full moon falls Tuesday at 10:06 P.M. EST at 18 degrees Aries 24 minutes. Aries is the natural ruler of the first house of the self, and we may all be concerned to some extent with what we want personally.  Aries rules the individual Read More
As  Venus, the Sun and Mercury enter Libra, each planet will come into contact with 3 major outer planets: Uranus, Pluto and Saturn. Each of these contacts (9 totals) will create situations of change, or transformation in the world and in our personal Read More