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November 2011 - Posts

Uranus retrogrades back to 0 degrees in November, called the Aries Point, or the World Point. “The AP represents a movement (cardinal) from an inner quality to an outer manifestation. It orients us towards the world at large—society, public events and Read More
Mercury, the planet of communication is currently in the ‘shadow’ period proceeding it’s retrograde which occurs November 24. During the shadow period, which begins at the degree where Mercury will eventually go direct, you may start to notice some of Read More
October-November Horoscopes Aries- Aries-If you were born March 21-25 you have been pummeled over the past several years by Pluto, Saturn and now Uranus. If you were born on March 21-23, Uranus will conjunct your Sun through February 2012, bringing unexpected Read More