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March 2012 - Posts

(March 1, 2012) Mercury retrogrades at 3 degrees of Aries on March 12, 2012.  The shadow period of the retrograde began on February 27, when Mercury reached 23 degrees of Pisces.  The effects of the retrograde have already started to become apparent. Read More
March’s New moon falls on 3-22 at 2 degrees of Aries.Aries is no wallflower and this new moon will pack a punch, and deserves respect!  It conjuncts Mercury at 0 degrees retrograde, and Uranus at 4 degrees.  The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus are all Read More
Venus conjuncts Jupiter March 14, and for the next few days this is part of a grand trine.  This planetary configuration involves three planets that form a 120 degree angle considered very favorable. The planets involved in this configuration are Read More
March’s full moon occurs March 8, at 4:39AM, EST at 18 degrees of Virgo.  Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of health and work, and it is here many of us will be focused.  Virgo is the most critical of signs and it opposes the Sun, generally Read More
LIBRA If you are a Libra born September 24-October 16, you probably feel you have been battered by the planets. Libra is being squared by Pluto, opposed by Uranus and conjuncted by Saturn. All of this makes for situations involving major life changes, Read More
Aries will continue to experience many life changes this year. If you were born March 23-26 you have been pummeled over the past several years by Pluto, Saturn and now Uranus. If you were born on the above dates, Uranus will conjunct your Sun during Read More