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April 2013 - Posts

Many months ago when Uranus entered Aries I wrote this placement would bring some of the most important medical advances of our lifetimes. As the triple conjunction in Aries between the Sun, Venus and Uranus completes at the start of the month, there Read More
Last week's energy was angry and harsh as the Sun and Mars were conjunct (together) in the last few degrees of Aries. As Mars and the Sun move into Taurus now, energy will change, and we will see a focus on second/eighth house matters with the eclipse Read More
Pluto is the ultimate planet of transformation and it begins its yearly backward motion April 12, at 3:32 p.m. EST. Many issues relating to joint monies and investments, partnerships and sex will begin to be internalized during this period allowing us Read More
Mercury moves into Aries April 13, at 10 :37 p.m EST, having been direct now since March 17. Mercury in Pisces was a long haul having been in that sign since February 5. As Mercury had to backtrack with the retrograde, we experienced the planet of communication Read More
Wednesdays new moon falls at 20 degrees of Aries at 5:35 a.m. EST. This will be a fiery new moon in the sign ruled by Mars, the God of War. This new moon will mean 4 planets and a luminary falling in the first sign of the zodiac and this is powerful. Read More
Mars and Venus are less than 1 degree of each other, becoming conjunct (exact) Sunday, April 7 at 19 degrees of Aries. This puts the male and female planets together in a fire sign and this can create quite a bit of assertiveness in relationships over Read More
The Sun, Uranus and Venus all come together March 28 in a triple conjunction drawing on the power of Venus (love and money) and Uranus (the unexpected). This transit can work out well or badly, depending on how it is aspected in your personal natal chart. Read More