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October 2015 - Posts

While the eclipse season is behind us; the lunar eclipse in Aries on September 27, as well as the Virgo solar eclipse of September 13, we will continue to see changes in our lives and the world as we move through October and toward the Read More
We've had a few supermoons this year, and the full moon in Taurus will be the last of the year on October 27. I remember watching a newscaster laugh about the 'myths' associated with a supermoon, while stating there is no fact to back Read More
Astrologers Leslie Hale and Astrologernyc discuss Lamar Odom's chart:; Read More
Mercury squares Pluto October 22, but this energy will be apparent the day before and after. This may make for a rough midweek, as this transit is obsessive, argumentative, overly intense and prone to finding out things you might wish you Read More
Venus opposes Neptune October 16, but this energy will be apparent a day or two before and after, but it peaks on Friday.This is a confusing transit that can create confusion over relationship issues and money. This is not the best day for Read More
NASA announced on September 28, there is water on Mars, completely changing the past perception of Mars as a desert like planet and fueling theories about the possibility of life on Mars now, in the past or even the future in terms of human Read More
"Political office attracts the dishonest as well as the honest and those who crave power for its own sake. Astrology can easily unmask both. Then we can decide if we like them."--Dave Roell, July 2008   Hillary Clinton is the wife Read More
This  month's new moon occurs in Libra on October 12, at 8:06 P.M., EST and the focus will be on relationships. Libra is the sign ruling the 7th house of relationships, marriage and courts. While it depends on where it falls in Read More
Events connected to the powerful lunar eclipse of September 27, continue  to unfold over the next 10 days and the week of October 4, will be critical in terms of events and developments in our lives and the world, as I wrote in my October Read More
10 are dead, and the numbers keep fluctuating at the time of this post, at Umpqua College in Roseburg, Oregon. At least 20 are injured, some critical, according to news reports due to a mass shooting at the college. The gunman, an unidentified Read More