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January 2016 - Posts

Uranus squares Pluto the final time January-February 2016, and the two major planets come within a 1 degree orb of being exact in Aries/Capricorn. I have been writing about this powerful square since 2010, when Uranus entered Aries and this major Read More
Mercury turns stationary direct Monday, January 24 at 4:50 PM, EST at 14 degrees of Capricorn. If you feel like me and many other people it can't happen soon enough! We aren't yet out of the woods, though. The stationary retrograde Read More
Happy New Year! The holidays are over, and perhaps a bit fractious this year with Mercury square Mars, but I hope you had a good one anyway! The year will start off with a bang, as the Uranus-Pluto square comes together for its final pass, Read More
The first full moon of the year occurs at 3 degrees of Leo on January, 23, reaching the lunar peak at 8:46 PM, EST. Leo is the natural ruler of the 5th house of children, friends and love affairs, and it is here many of us will Read More