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May 2016 - Posts

May will be a pivotal month as the T-square between Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn becomes exact and extends throughout June. In all actuality the energies of this t-square will be with us for the next five months and it Read More
George Zimmerman is in the news again after apparently selling the gun that killed 17 year old Treyvon Martin, and attacking Martin's bereaved parents. From all I can discern and read, there were no witnesses to the actual shooting that Read More
We began the month of May with 5 retrograde planets, and now we are down to three, the most significant being Mars. Mars retrogrades back into the sign Scorpio Friday, May 27, at 9:51 AM, EST. Mars will remain in this sign until August Read More
Jupiter is square Saturn May 23-31. The effects of this powerful transit however will be felt before and after the exact square. This transit might be compared to trying to paddling a canoe upstream or trying to drive with the brakes on. While Read More
Venus opposes Mars Tuesday and Wednesday, May 24-25. Typically this transit relates to trouble between the sexes that can include jealousy and suspicion, mistrust and issues about sex. Incompatibility of all types, and arguments can occur Read More
(2016)Legendary comedian Bill Cosby arrived at a Pennsylvania courthouse Tuesday morning for a preliminary hearing in the sexual assault case against him. Read More
Friday, (May 20) we are looking at a grand cross in the sky as the Moon opposes Mercury(retrograde)  and later Venus, which can bring problems with communication and stubbornness on the part of ourselves or others. Of course we are dealing Read More
The Astrology chart of Prince More... Read More
This month's full moon falls at 1 degree of Sagittarius, May 21, peaking at 5:14 PM, EST. Sagittarius is all about ideas and how we think, and herein lies the conflict as our ideas may clash with those of others. This full Moon Read More
An EgyptAir fight from Paris to Cairo literally fell out of the sky last night (May 18, 2016) with the 66 people aboard presumed dead. Before crashing it made unexpected swerves in the sky as though the pilot had lost control. Looking Read More
As we began the month of May, 5 planets were retrograde. Jupiter turned Stationary direct, May 9, and now we have 4 retrograde planets slowing things down and creating delays. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion and many things Read More
The New moon (along with the Sun) falls at 16 degrees of Taurus, peaking at 3:29PM, EST May 6th. Taurus is an earth sign and the natural ruler of the second house of money, income and possessions. Earth signs are typically calm, and this Read More