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June 2016 - Posts

June will be an interesting month, as the t-square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune becomes exact, and the action will start immediately. The two most important periods will be the first week of June, and the week of June 19, as the Read More
As the powerful t-square between Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter was 'set off,' by Mercury the week of June 20, and the UK voted to leave the European Union, in a historic move that will geographically  and politically change Europe. Read More
We have a grand cross this week in mutable signs on the heels of the full moon in Sagittarius.  This will dominate the skies this week. A grand cross involves four planets, and as it is mutable this means things are changeable. Read More
This month's full Moon falls at 29.33 degrees of Sagittarius, peaking June 20, at 7:02 AM, EST. The 29th degree of any sign is considered a critical degree and crisis/action oriented. Some things can come to a close, an end or a conclusion Read More
Astrology of the Orlando FL terrorist attack in Pulse nightclubPODCAST: in Orlando: the astrology Read More
This photograph was taken by an Orlando photographer during a vigil for the 49 shooting victims from Pulse nightclub as their names were called out. EXACTLY 49 birds flew overhead. Coincidence? May the victims RIP. Read More
Neptune turned stationary retrograde June 13, at 12 degrees of Pisces, and this will increase the effects of the mutable t-square that will be with us all summer. A t-square is a complicated aspect that involves the energies of all Read More
Omar Mateen, is the 29 year old gunman who killed/ wounded at least 100 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., June 12, in the early morning hours, making this the largest mass shooting in US history. He was born in New York Read More
As I predicted in early this year, Donald Trump's chart showed a clear indication of lawsuits, and major issues that would come to light as the Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter t-square comes into orb. The combination of Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter Read More
We are still experiencing some of the energies of the mutable grand cross/New Moon that occurred last week, as we begin the work week. As we move on through the first part of the week, the Mercury-Mars opposition will be heating up, Read More
The New Moon in Gemini forms a grand cross with Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune on June 4, peaking at 10 59 00 PM, EST. A grand cross is a difficult astrological configuration that looks like an X, as it contains two oppositions. A grand Read More
An astrological reading can predict all major life events including relationships. Astrology is a blueprint of your life that was created at the moment of your birth, and the transits of the planets that bring you together with Read More
Singer Prince was pronounced dead April 21, 2016 at the age of 57. Prince was renowned as an innovator and was widely known for his eclectic work, flamboyant stage presence, and wide vocal range. He was widely regarded as the pioneer Read More