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September 2016 - Posts

We begin the month of September with a powerful solar eclipse at 9 degrees of Virgo, peaking at 5:03 AM, EST. Eclipses are the universes  signposts, lighting the path into the future. Eclipses come in pairs and the companion lunar Read More
The Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune and squares Saturn this morning. This  sets off the Saturn-Neptune square. I think of this combination as worry, and you may be wearing many different hats today, and be preoccupied with different Read More
Mars enters Capricorn (today) September 27. This is the first time in 9 months Mars has been in a sign other than Scorpio or Sagittarius, due to the spring retrograde of Mars this year. Mars in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and Capricorn Read More
This morning I was trying to think about something to write about to end the week (Yesterday, I wrote about Venus entering Scorpio September 23, and the  fall equinox), and I began thinking about the Saturn-Neptune square and all of the lies, Read More
Mercury turns stationary direct Thursday, September 22 at 1:31 AM, EST., at 14 degrees of Virgo. The good news is it turns direct, and the bad news is that it won't be smooth and easy. Mercury becomes part of a t-square (a difficult Read More
Love energy changes again as Venus enters Scorpio Friday, September 23. This will be different energy as Venus in Libra is considered to be in the sign of its rulership and in detriment in Scorpio. Venus in Libra is 'lighter,' and Libra Read More
Venus opposes Uranus at 23 degrees of Libra-Aries, and this becomes exact in the early morning hours of Sunday, September 18, so the energy will be felt the before, and the day after. This can bring major events if it aspects your personal Read More
After spending the past year in the sign of health, work, and dealing with the details, Jupiter enters Libra, September 9, at 7: 18 AM, EST. This is a far different placement for Jupiter, and Libra is the sign ruling the seventh house Read More
September's lunar eclipse falls at 24 degrees of Pisces on September 16, at 3 05 PM, EST. Eclipses are the universes  signposts, lighting the path into the future. Eclipses come in pairs and the solar eclipse in Virgo occurred Read More
Mercury and  the Sun were square Mars in Sagittarius this week, and Sun square Mars continues into the eclipse, becoming part of the eclipse energy on Friday. The Sun square Mars is typically considered an irritating and upsetting Read More
We have a powerful Lunar Eclipse coming up on Sept 16, 2016Along with Mercury retrograde today and a Saturn square Neptune- what does it all mean? Listen to podcast to find out! (Click link below) SEPT 2016 ECLIPSE PODCAST - WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? Read More
 Saturn is in the sign Sagittarius where it rules the ninth house of education, foreign affairs and world view. Many of our views  and viewpoints will change with this Saturn placement both on an individual and the collective level. Read More
The Saturn-Neptune square becomes exact at 10 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces Sunday, September 11. This confusing, depressing and convoluted energy reaches a peak on this day. Saturn rules our structures and Neptune dissolves them. Many things Read More
Jupiter moves through each sign for about a year, and takes 12 years to work its way through the zodiac. Jupiter represents joy, gain, expansion, abundance and increase that you will experience in which ever house it is transiting in your Read More
As the Sun squares Saturn and opposes Neptune today many people are feeling a sense of anger, agitation and uncertainty. Falling on the heels of the eclipse this is very powerful energy, and like the eclipse sets off the Saturn-Neptune Read More
The Sun squares Saturn at 11: 22 PM, EST September 1, and opposes Neptune and this transit will remain exact through September 2. This transit sets off the Saturn-Neptune square just as the early morning solar eclipse did September Read More
As I watched the news about the 6.2 earthquake that devastated Amatrice, Italy the evening of August 23, I was reminded that we are now in the eclipse season, and this energy will continue to amp up until the solar eclipse occurs Read More