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October 2016 - Posts

A New Moon rises October 30, at 1:38 PM, EST, falling at 8 degrees of Scorpio. This is considered a 'black moon', which means this is the second new moon to fall within a month. There is a great deal of hoopla over the 'black moon,' part of this Read More
Mars is square Uranus now and as I wrote in my first blog on this we can expect to see a weekend of unexpected events. Thursday night the Keen site was down for a period and this is typical of Mars-Uranus. The Keen techs are dealing with Read More
Mars is approaching its square to Uranus, which becomes exact in the early morning hours of October 29. On the same day Venus conjuncts Saturn and this precedes the new moon in Scorpio on October 30, by only hours. The energy of Read More
Hackers took down Dyn, a New Hampshire-based company that monitors and routes Internet traffic, in a massive attack that began October 21, at 7:10 a.m. ET Friday morning. The issue kept some users on the East Coast from accessing Twitter, Read More
During October: The Sun is in Libra-the sign ruling the 7th house of marriage and partnerships until October 22, when it enters Scorpio, the sign ruling the eighth house of sex, change and transformation and other people's money. Venus Read More
While Mars and Pluto are separating, and this harsh, obsessive energy is starting to lift, it is not yet gone.  As I wrote in my previous blog the best use of this energy is to focus on rebuilding something, as opposed to playing Read More
Mars conjuncts Pluto this week, becoming exact Wednesday, October 19, but the effects of this transit will stretch through the week. This transit is prone to anger, violence and obsession and even violence in the world, along with Read More
As I have written, the full moon in Aries, October 16, is significant, changeable and volatile. There are a number of transits that will affect this moon in the days preceding it, and after. Let's take a look: October 13, Mercury squares Read More
The full moon in Aries  October 16, looks to be one of the most volatile of the year, if not the most volatile. Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War, and this is a 'hot' Moon prone to anger and upset. This Moon falls at 23 degrees Read More
Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Libra this week, especially the first part of the week, and this transit is exact October 11. The energies however, will be prevalent all week. What starts out nicely can turn negative quickly as we go through Read More
Mars squares Jupiter October 5, and the energy will be felt in the few days before and after. This can be enthusiastic and optimistic and a time many things can come together and complete but certain cautions are advised. First of Read More
The Moon and Venus are conjunct in Scorpio today, trine Neptune, and they also benefit from a sextile to Pluto. Some will be dealing with issues concerning money, taxes, debt or deep seated feelings and emotions, and this combination should Read More