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January 2017 - Posts

We begin the year with Mercury still retrograde in Capricorn until January 8, when it turns direct in the early morning hours. This has been a difficult retrograde for many!  January  4, Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius, Read More
These are the most important transits of 2017. As the transits are approaching the exact mark they become very powerful, so the energy begins before the start dates listed. As the transits move away from the exact hit, they become weaker, but nevertheless Read More
The first full moon of the year falls at 22 degrees of Cancer in the early morning hours of January 12. Cancer rules the fourth house of home and family and is the most emotional of signs. This is a big, intense full moon with many possibilities. Read More
Mundane astrology is the art of studying the day to day planetary energies. Hundreds of years ago this was the focus of astrologers much more so than individual readings. One of the tools used in mundane astrology are the ingress charts, particularly Read More
Many people call me asking about potential breakups with their significant other. So many times the answer is yes, unfortunately it looks like it won't last. Many relationships (and I often say most) end, that aren't meant to be. Read More