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June 2017 - Posts

Bachar al-Assad is the President of Syria and Regional Secretary of the Syrian led branch of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, having served as President since 2000, succeeding his father who led Syria for 30 years. He is currently engaged Read More
An astrological reading can predict all major life events including relationships. Astrology is a blueprint of your life that was created at the moment of your birth, and the transits of the planets that bring you together Read More
The best news is that Jupiter finally turns stationary direct on June 9, at 10: 04 AM, EST, at 13 degrees of Libra. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion, and it has been retrograde since February 6. When retrograde, the Read More
June's New Moon in Cancer falls at 2 degrees on June 23, peaking at 10:31 PM, EST. Cancer is the most emotional of signs and rules the fourth house of home and family. You may be concerned with issues surrounding family, home, Read More
Summer begins with the Sun and Mercury's entrance into Cancer on June 21. Here's hoping you have a happy and prosperous summer-dip your toes in the water and enjoy life where you can! Let's take a look at  some of the most significant transits Read More
The Gemini Sun moves into an opposition with retrograde Saturn that becomes exact  in the early morning hours Thursday, June 15,  -6:17 EST, to be precise. So the energy will be felt Wednesday into Wednesday night, Read More
The planet ruling psychic ability, religion, compassion, creativity, dreams and many other things turns stationary retrograde for the next six months June 16 at 14 degrees of Pisces, and will continue its retrograde through mid-November. This Read More
June 13, at 14 degrees of Gemini/Pisces and this transit is exact at 11: 29 PM, so we will be dealing with this transit all day and Monday evening. Mercury is in Gemini where it is very powerful and Neptune is at home in Pisces. Mercury rules Read More
Jupiter turns direct June 9, at 10:04 AM, EST. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion, and it has been retrograde since February 6. When retrograde, the beneficial rays of Jupiter are not as powerful, and sometimes can even Read More
This Month's full moon falls at 19 degrees of Sagittarius, the sign ruling the ninth house of foreign affairs, ideologies, world view and legal matters. As this Moon occurs on June 9, it will coincide with the testimony  before a Senate Read More