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July 2017 - Posts

It's been 38 years since we have seen a total solar eclipse in the continental US. That takes us back to 1979, when we experienced the last one. Some people reading this have never seen a total solar eclipse, but you will have a chance on August 21, Read More
Over the years I've had clients that spoke of their loyalty to men who broke off relationships with them, leaving them emotionally shattered. They felt their loyalty to the man in question was abused and they were Read More
Leo is ruled by the Sun. When you think about the Sun, what do you see? It is the most powerful heavenly body that beams down its light and warmth every day.  The Sun is perhaps the most important planet in the natal chart, ruling Leo, and Read More
Venus opposes Saturn and this transit will be exact July 24, at 10:53 AM,  on the heels of the New moon in Leo.  We will start to feel this energy sooner, and it may continue after the transit is exact. Venus Read More
The Sun squares Uranus July 19. Sun-Uranus transits typically deal with sudden, unexpected change or changeability, and situations may become explosive. Mars has squared Uranus over the past few days (July 17, exact) Read More
  I hope everyone has a wonderful fourth of July.  The New Moon on June 24, fell in Cancer, the sign of home and family, and this is typically the time for family get togethers, vacations, home projects and for some, even Read More
Monday, July 17, is shaping up to be a significant day astrologically as Mars squares Uranus at 28 degrees of Cancer-Aries and Venus squares Neptune at 14 degrees of Gemini-Pisces. It is likely you will feel this energy earlier, Read More
Mercury sextiles Jupiter July 14. This is a positive aspect that will help conversation and ideas to flow, giving us a chance to see things in a new and perhaps expanded light. Many will feel positive and outgoing, and it is a good Read More
The Great American eclipse as it is being called, occurs August 21, 2017 and peaks at 2:30 PM, EST. It is called The Great American Eclipse, as it cuts a wide swath across the US, visible to some extent in  all states. Read More
Venus entered Gemini July 4, where it will remain until July 31. Venus in Gemini is far different from Venus in Taurus which won't return again for another year. This is a great placement for Gemini, or those born Read More
The Sun opposes Pluto on the heels of the dramatic full moon in Capricorn, July 9. It actually becomes part of the full moon energy, but becomes exact July 10, at 2:05 AM. This energy will be felt most strongly July 9, and up Read More
July will have its rough moments, if you read my blog for this month, and this month's full Moon on July 9, is not without stress. The first full moon of summer falls at 17 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn is the natural ruler Read More
We have a number of difficult aspects that will begin June 28,(or before) and continue through July 4. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are involved in a t-square that will involve Jupiter (Jupiter expands whatever it touches), and Pluto Read More