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August 2017 - Posts

Jupiter is almost exact in its sextile to Saturn August 27, at 21 degrees of Libra/Sagittarius. This transit should help both before and after the transit makes its exact hit. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion Read More
Saturn turns direct August 25, at 8:09 AM, EST. This should start to change the slowdown you may have experienced in many areas since 5 out of 10 planets have been retrograde since August 12. Mercury will be the next Read More
Venus squares Uranus August 24, and this can create an unpredictable energy for love and money. Some relationships can and will end, others will experience some type of disruption. If your relationship is stable, it could bring some type of disagreement, Read More
Five of the ten planets astrologers use at are retrograde August 12, through August 25. Things may seem to move at a slower pace, or you may feel like you are fighting a battle to accomplish what you want. Things will pick up Read More
The August solar eclipse occurs August 21, and falls at 29 degrees of Leo. This is called the 'Great American Eclipse as it is the first eclipse that has crossed the US from coast to coast in 99 years, and it should be visible from all parts of the Read More
August is a big month with many things happening in the sky. We are in the Leo season now, the most fun time of summer. Leo rules the fifth house of children, entertainment and love.  The Sun and Mars are in Leo, and Venus enters Cancer July Read More
Venus is moving into an opposition to Pluto that becomes exact Tuesday, August 15, at 17 degrees Cancer-Capricorn. This energy will be felt before the transit is exact and in the few days after. Venus opposing Read More
Mercury entered its shadow period preceding the summer retrograde in Virgo/Leo, on Monday, July 24. Mercury entered Virgo July 25, and will retrograde at 11 degrees of Virgo on August 12-September 5. During the shadow period that proceeds the Read More
Over the years I've had clients that spoke of their loyalty to men who broke off relationships with them, leaving them emotionally shattered. They felt their loyalty to the man in question was abused and they were not treated Read More
The lunar eclipse/full moon on Monday August 7, 2017 falls at 15° Aquarius. This will be followed in two weeks by a solar eclipse in Leo on August 21. Aquarius rules the 11th house of the collective, friends, groups Read More
As we head into Monday's lunar eclipse, events related to the eclipse will begin to play out. The energy of an eclipse is significant both before and after the event. Friday morning the Moon opposes Venus and this can cause Read More
    Jupiter squares Pluto this week at 17 degrees of Libra-Capricorn. Change can occur on many levels. Jupiter rules gain and expansion, justice and what is good and right. Jupiter rules magnanimity and growth. Read More