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September 2017 - Posts

Jupiter opposes Uranus and this major transit will be exact September 28. The energy has been with us on and off all year, and this will be the final pass. The energy has been building during September and will continue after the transit is exact.When Read More
Mercury opposed Neptune September 19-20. Mars opposed Neptune September 24-25. Now, on September 29, Venus will oppose Neptune at 12 degrees of Virgo-Pisces. We have seen major water related events and disastrous weather conditions as well as Read More
Jupiter will be a major player in September's transits as we start the month with a positive sextile between Jupiter and Saturn. But, before month's end Jupiter opposes Uranus for the third and final time. We will start Read More
Once again,  rumors abound on the internet about the end of the world, and other major happenings. Certain groups promote this day as the beginning of a theology some Christian groups call the tribulation, and Read More
Mercury opposes Neptune at 12 degrees of Virgo-Pisces, and this energy will peak at 11:05 PM, EST September 19. This is foggy, confusing and tiring energy. This will be apparent before and after this date.  Read More
The Virgo new moon rules auditors, work and health. This Moon falls at 27 degrees in the sign ruled by Mercury. The Moon begins to peak on the West Coast (US) at 10:30 PM, September 19, and completes its lunar peak on Read More
Mercury conjuncts Mars at 7 degrees of Virgo, and this peaks Saturday, September 16, at 3:01, EST to be exact. After this the energies will be waning, but not gone. I originally wrote about this earlier this week. Read More
  The Great American eclipse (August 21, 2017) is over, but if you read my blog you knew that events connected to the eclipse would play out the first 10 days of September and beyond. As the eclipse literally crossed Read More
The Sun squares Saturn September 13, peaking at 10: 58 PM, EST. You will feel the energy the day before and possibly the day after. This is a restrictive and tiring transit, that will seem limiting in many ways that Read More
Between now and September 19, Mars and Mercury are conjunct or within a couple of degrees of being conjunct in the early degrees of Virgo. First of all, Virgo can be the most critical sign in the zodiac. It Read More
This month's full Moon falls at 13 degrees of Pisces, and it conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, making it very powerful, as Neptune is at home in Pisces. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, confusion and Read More
Nowhere is America's true spirit more evident than in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas, since Hurricane Harvey struck August 25, generating epic flood waters, loss of life and destruction. Rescue teams, the military and civilian volunteers Read More