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January 2018 - Posts

The eclipse in Leo occurred this morning at 8:27 AM, EST. Events connected to the eclipse will continue to play out over the next hours, days and weeks. As Leo rules the 5th house of love, this is where many concerns Read More
  The first (lunar) eclipse of the year occurs January 31, falling at 11 degrees of Leo. The lunar peak occurs at 8:27 AM, EST.  Eclipses are the universe's  signposts, lighting the path into the future. Eclipses Read More
We began the New Year with a huge Supermoon in Cancer. We will be under the energy of this powerful moon, which rules the 4th house of home and family (and emotions) until the new Moon on January 16.  Mercury is Read More
Mars moved into Sagittarius Friday morning changing the way we direct our energy. Sagittarius will be more expansive and fiery than Mars in Scorpio. The Moon opposes Mars, Friday through mid day, first in Taurus, then Read More
Mercury rules our thoughts, thinking, travel and young people to name a few. Mercury conjuncts Pluto over the next two days and this is prone to arguments, obsessive thinking and issues surrounding young people as I wrote Read More
Mercury conjuncts Pluto at 19 degrees of Capricorn over the next few days and this transit is exact January 24, at 3:47 PM, EST. This will be especially powerful if you have Cardinal planets (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) Read More
January 17, Venus entered Aquarius, marking the beginning of the end of the stellium in Capricorn that has dominated the sky over the past 10 days! That's a lot of Earth/Capricorn energy. Better for some than others. Read More
Many people are under the misconception that finding their ideal mate is all about choosing the right sun sign. While the right sun sign will help, (and we all DO have a Sun sign) it is not the only, or even in some instances Read More
The first full moon of the New Year falls January 1, 2018 at 11 degrees of Cancer it is considered a Supermoon.  The lunar peak occurs at 9:24 PM, EST. Happy New Year! Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac, Read More