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November is a pivotal month as Jupiter enters Sagittarius, Uranus retrogrades back into Aries one final time, not to return for 80 plus years, Venus turns direct, and Mercury retrogrades. Uranus re-enters Aries for the next Read More
The planet that brings us gain and expansion enters Sagittarius, and a new story begins. How will your story go? Read More
Today, November 7, is the final day for Jupiter's year long transit through Scorpio. Jupiter in Scorpio has had an enormous effect in our lives collectively and individually. Jupiter here has been a benefit to all water signs and Read More
Jupiter is now traveling through its last three degrees of Scorpio, and moves into the sign of Sagittarius November 8. Wherever Jupiter goes we see luck and gain. Jupiter in Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, giving Read More
  Much more will come to light this week with a Supreme Court nominee and his accusers, who claim sexual misconduct. I do not have Kavanaugh's time of birth, but it appears Saturn is opposing his Moon (women from the past) and this was 'set off,' by Read More
Damn! I was in my car on the interstate.  The rain was pouring down in buckets, visibility was nearly zero, and eighteen wheeler trucks were zooming by my small car on either side, easily exceeding the 70mph speed limit.  Ever since my car went into Read More
A mystic rectangle is comprised of two oppositions (Moon opposes Neptune, and Mercury opposes Jupiter), two sextiles (Moon sextiles Jupiter) and (Mercury sextiles Neptune), and two trines (Jupiter trines Neptune) and (Mercury trines Moon). Some Read More
Jupiter turns retrograde this Thursday, March 8, at 23 degrees of Scorpio. Jupiter retrogrades about 4 months out of every year and it will retrograde all the way back to 13 degrees of Scorpio where it will turn direct Read More
Jupiter leaves the sign Libra and enters Scorpio October 10, at 9:40 PM, EST. The last time Jupiter entered this sign was October 26, 2005-November 23, 2006. Jupiter changes signs every year and this time it will  remain in the sign ruled Read More
I wrote a few weeks ago about the affect of Mars and Venus, both in their detriment at this time, and how this is affecting the women who are coming forward to report sexual abuse by men. This all began in October, Read More
Venus enters Scorpio at 6:39 AM, November 7. Mars has been in Libra since October 22. This places Venus in the sign ruled by Mars and (Mars in Libra) in the sign ruled by Venus. This is called mutual reception, and Read More
During October, Jupiter enters Scorpio and Pluto begins its direct motion along with Saturn. The fast moving planets will enter Libra, then Scorpio. Jupiter enters Scorpio the morning of October 10. This is a major Read More
Jupiter opposes Uranus and this major transit will be exact September 28. The energy has been with us on and off all year, and this will be the final pass. The energy has been building during September and will continue after the transit is exact.When Read More
Jupiter is almost exact in its sextile to Saturn August 27, at 21 degrees of Libra/Sagittarius. This transit should help both before and after the transit makes its exact hit. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion Read More
Jupiter turns direct June 9, at 10:04 AM, EST. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion, and it has been retrograde since February 6. When retrograde, the beneficial rays of Jupiter are not as powerful, and sometimes can even Read More
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