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  Much more will come to light this week with a Supreme Court nominee and his accusers, who claim sexual misconduct. I do not have Kavanaugh's time of birth, but it appears Saturn is opposing his Moon (women from the past) and this was 'set off,' by Read More
Roy Moore is a Alabama politician and former State judge who was elected twice and removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court. He is the Republican nominee for the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions who accepted the post of US Attorney General., Read More
A lone gunman identified as 64 year old Steven Paddock, opened fire and killed at least 58 people and injured 500 more at a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is being called the largest mass shooting in US Read More
Bachar al-Assad is the President of Syria and Regional Secretary of the Syrian led branch of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, having served as President since 2000, succeeding his father who led Syria for 30 years. He is currently engaged Read More
Astrology of the Orlando FL terrorist attack in Pulse nightclubPODCAST: in Orlando: the astrology Read More
Omar Mateen, is the 29 year old gunman who killed/ wounded at least 100 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., June 12, in the early morning hours, making this the largest mass shooting in US history. He was born in New York Read More
George Zimmerman is in the news again after apparently selling the gun that killed 17 year old Treyvon Martin, and attacking Martin's bereaved parents. From all I can discern and read, there were no witnesses to the actual shooting that Read More
(2016)Legendary comedian Bill Cosby arrived at a Pennsylvania courthouse Tuesday morning for a preliminary hearing in the sexual assault case against him. Read More
In today's show astrologers Leslie Hale and Astrologernyc look at the chart of the recent racist attack - a gunman began firing on a bible study group in a historic Charleston church.Dylann Roof is accused of gunning down nine people at the Emanuel Read More
Nine people were gunned down June 17,  in cold blood inside a Wednesday night prayer meeting inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, one of the oldest churches in the South, located in Charleston, SC. The Department Read More
Astrology of NY Prison Break PodcastOn June 6th convicted murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat broke out of Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY.  They have been on the run for 10 days.In this show we discuss the chart of the escape and Read More
James Holmes is the alleged killer in the July 20, 2012 Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting spree that  left at least 12 dead, and 71 injured. He is now on trial.  The moviegoers were at a screening of the new Batman movie, “The Read More terrorist attack. "Two bombs were detonated during the 2013 Boston Marathon around 2:50 p.m. EDT (18:50 UTC) on Boylston Street near Copley Square, just before the finish Read More
As I was thinking about the recent events in France and  Belgium, and the fanatical groups (ISIS and al-Qaeda)  recruitment of women, I began to wonder what kind of young woman would join such a group and be drawn to the horrific Read More
Hayat Boumeddiene - French female terrorist"A 26-year-old woman is on the run in France after being linked to the murder of a policewoman and possibly Read More
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